Serving the south shore of Massachusetts, Cape Cod, and the Islands

We'll be ready for you

Your first visit to VCS New England

We’re looking forward to meeting you and your pet—even though we wish it were under different circumstances. We are cat and dog lovers too, so our focus—from day 1—is to make this experience as easy on our patients as possible. Believe it or not, they look forward to visiting us—and not just because we give out treats at the end!

What to expect

Your first visit lasts one hour and will focus on getting to know each other and discussing options. We will:

  • Greet your pet and give him or her a little time to get used to us
  • Review your pet’s medical records and diagnosis
  • Conduct a physical exam
  • Talk to you about a plan to move forward
  • Potentially administer the first treatment, depending on our conversation
  • Break out the treats (for your pet!) at the end of the visit, which helps with future visits

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